Armadillo Brand Management

How we do it...

Defend & Protect

  • Our Monitor Service is an invaluable tool to identify and act against infringement and misuse of Trade Marks in a timely manner.

  • Our highly trained professionals are able to successfully deal with any opposition or potential infringements saving litigation costs for our clients.

Search & Register

  • Our approach is to maximize our clients' expectations in providing extensive coverage of Trade Mark Searches, from the full comprehensive to the new social media username search

  • Trade mark registration is paramount for every business nowadays and we can help with applications all over the world.

What we provide...

  • Advice on the correct requirements for the registeration of brands as trade marks
  • Trade mark creation process, guidance and legal advice
  • Worldwide specialist logo, slogan and company name searches
  • Trade mark registeration in all countries
  • Advise on oppositions, cancellations, appeals, licenses and renewals
  • Access to experienced trademark professionals who deal with every aspect of the process from start to finish
  • Network of worldwide multilingual offices
  • Advice on constant collection of 'evidence of use' to protect your brand
  • Trademark Monitoring