Panama is a well established international financial centre and a secure jurisdiction for private foundations.

Some advantages include:

  • Economic stability, strategic location, English and Spanish speaking environment
  • Very good international flight connections, in particular to the United States
  • First-class infrastructure in Panama City
  • Unspoiled nature, beautiful beaches, rich culture
  • US Dollar is the official currency
  • One of the world's leading banking centres
  • Attractive lifestyle
  • Attractive conditions for residence
  • Possibility to obtain a passport immediately, citizenship after five years
  • Tax-free environment for business and residence
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In Panama to form a Private Foundation the Charter (equivalent of M&A) must be prepared stating the name (must include the word "Foundation"), and the names of the Foundation Council (like a board of Directors) which must be 3 natural persons or 1 corporate. The initial endowment must be not less than USD$10,000. The council has power to manage the fund.

Combining a Foundation with an IBC or a Panama Corporation is a very effective planning structure. It provides a confidential offshore estate plan to protect wealth, both now and in the future.

Initiate a Private Foundation Enquiry