The Case For Perpetual KYC     a new white paper by Manny Cohen

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Software Solutions:

For clients with larger and more frequent requests, Armadillo Tech can create a bespoke and dedicated, fully responsive, Web application for you and your customers, with secure login and document delivery. Depending on your requirements we can either send this directly to you via email or, set up a regular secure FTP transfer to your prefered FTP server.

Alternatively, Use any of our commercial APIs for seamless onboarding flows, customer profile generation, credit risk scoring, including bespoke data solutions.

Comprising over 500 milllion companies and data elements updated daily with more than 120 Million hierarchy members our API solutions provide unparalleled depth and breadth of business information. Our global sources include both online sources and our Worldwide Network of global data partners.

Our bespoke solutions can be seamlessly integrated into any CRM minimising the need for manual data entry, saving you time and money. Our real-time company data integration matches your customer records to our database to confirm, amend and enhance the company information you hold.

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Armadillo I-Docs API
Armadillo I-Docs

Armadillo I-Docs

Armadillo's expert research team provides almost instant access to official records and copies of all registered original documents across a vast number of global jurisdictions and includes products such as company extracts, company directors and appointments, annual accounts, mortgage registration and many more.

Simply place your order by emailing your request to our expert team of multi-lingual researchers and your report(s) or document(s) will be emailed to you in less than 1 Hour!

For clients requiring a more personalised experience, our Tech team can provide you with a fully bespoke application where you, and your clients, can securely log in and search and place orders directly. We can also integrate this so that your documents are securely sent back to your own FTP servers.

Hundreds of companies around the world already relying on Armadillo to provide them with official trustworthy documentation with assured provenance. Their privacy is important, to us which is why we will never publish their details on our web sites or other publications, and why you should also be assured that our contract with you is completely private and secure.

Key Benefits of an I-Docs account:

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The Case For Perpetual KYC     a new white paper by Manny Cohen

Register of Overseas Investors, registration and verification - Click here.